Letting Services

Our priority is to find you suitable tenants. Due to our location and the high level of professional and corporate tenants we have registered with us, we can guarantee that we will find you a reliable and trustworthy tenant for your property.

Our long term lets start from 6 months and can go up to 2 years or more. We always take into account your needs and always work around you.

We are one of the few agents in the market which offers short term lets and unlike our competitors we do not insist on a minimum letting period. Our aim is to prioritize the needs of our landlords and applicants, ensuring that your needs are always met. Short term lets benefit both landlords and tenants, providing flexibility for the tenant and up to 75% higher rental rates for the landlord

Letting Fees, Terms and Conditions

Standard fees

Lettings only

3.5 weeks rent or 7% of annual rental income

– Renewals on 1st 2 years’

2 weeks rent or 4% of annual rental income

– Continuation period after renewals

2 weeks rent or 4% of annual rental income

Management service (fees apply per property)


2.5 weeks rent.  Initial fees to be deducted from 1st month’s rent, plus 10% of monthly rental income as rent is collected

– Renewals on 1st 2 years / Continuation period after renewals                               1 Week Rent

Tenancy Agreement


– Long let


– Short let


This is a fixed cost fee that can cover a variety of works depending on the individual circumstances of each tenancy, including but not limited to, negotiating the tenancy, verifying references, undertaking Right to Rent checks and drawing up contracts. This charge is applicable per tenancy. The charge will not exceed this sum unless you request one of the specific additional services or fees set out elsewhere in this document.

Other Fees





Electrical Report






1 bed





2 bed





3 bed





4 bed





5+ bed





Additional Property Inspection


Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation

£75 plus £30 per alarm

Combined Gas and Portable Appliance Test


Combined Gas Safety Certificate and boiler service


Court Appearance (charged per day or part thereof)


Energy Performance Certificate


Fire Blanket


Gas Safety Certificate


Legionella Risk Assessment


Portable Appliance Test


Section 21


Smoke Alarm Installation

£75 plus £30 per alarm

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Test (on start of Tenancy)


Works over £1000

10% of the invoice total

Referral Fees: Our vetted contractor may pay a referral fee to Bluefield. The fee paid will be included within the contractor’s invoice and could be up to 25% of the total invoice amount depending on the service provided, the details of which are available on request. This does not affect the final amount you pay.

Rent Guarantee Service

3.6% per property

All fees unless otherwise stated are no VAT

Appendix to Property Lettings Instructions 

Fees and Payment terms

  1. The landlord agrees to pay Bluefield Estate Agents the agreed fee immediately upon exchange of contact with their introduced tenant and authorise Bluefield Estate Agents to deduct the said amount from the rent collected by them on the landlord’s behalf. In cases where Bluefield Estate Agents are employed using their full Management or Rent collection services and landlord agrees to such additional agreed fees being deducted on a monthly basis.
  2. The fees shall be payable forthwith upon the creation of any tenancy agreement or occupation by a tenant introduced by Bluefield Estate Agents.
  3. All subsequent renewals or new agreement with the introduced tenant must be conducted through Bluefield Estate Agents, the fee for such renewals or agreement will be changed as per the following scale Service A. Introduced only, one week rent Service B. Rent collection, fifty pounds. Service C. Full Management, no charge.
  4. Management and Rent Collection appointment shall be for the full term of the initial tenancy and continue for the duration of all subsequent tenancies with same tenant thereafter Bluefield Estate Agents reserve the right to terminate and appointment forthwith and without service of notice in the event of any breach by the landlord of these terms and conditions or in the of any at or omission on the landlord’s part which makes it impracticable for Bluefield Estate Agents to perform their services.
  5. If the landlords agree with a tenant terminate a tenancy agreement prior to the date started on the agreement Bluefield Estate Agents reserve the right to be reimbursed for the full fee payable for their duration of the tenancy entered into.
  6. If the landlord agrees to rent reduction during the tenancy term Bluefield Estate Agents fee will calculated on the basis of the rent agreed at the original commencement date of the tenancy.
  7. All outstanding fees shall attract interest at 3% above the base rate from the date such fee became payable.
  8. In the event of Bluefield Estate Agents appointment being terminated or frustrated by a landlord prior to the commencement date of a tenancy but after Bluefield Estate Agents have accepted an administration fee from an intending occupier a fee equivalent to one week of the rental agreed at the time of his appointment shall became immediately payable to Bluefield Estate Agents.
  9. Bluefield Estate Agents will hold the landlord’s original tenancy agreement until such time as all outstanding fees have been paid, when they will be released on demand.
  10. If a person or body corporate associated with that person introduced to a landlord by Bluefield Estate Agents subsequently purchases the premises whether before or after entering into a tenancy agreement, commission shall be payable to Bluefield Estate Agents at the rate of 1% of the sale price upon completion plus value added tax.

Rent collection service:

  1. Unless specifically agreed and confirmed by Bluefield Estate Agents in writing rental payments are not guaranteed and are subject to Bluefield Estate Agents being in receipt of such rental from tenant.
  2. Payment of rent collected by Bluefield Estate Agents to the landlord will made monthly by bank transfer within fourteen days of receipt of cleared funds and the deduction of fee for management Service.
  3. So long as Bluefield Estate Agents are in receipt of rent payment and are advised of the requirement to pay such they will pay current outstanding payments such as water, insurance premiums and any service charge and/or maintenance charge or similar contribution to shared expenses and account to the landlord regularly. It must be understood that Bluefield Estate Agents are entitled to accept and pay without question demands and accounts which appear to be in order. Please note that Bluefield Estate Agents cannot accept responsibility for the adequacy of any insurance cover or for the verification of services/maintenance charge demands or estimate where applicable.
  4. Bluefield Estate Agents shall deal without additional fee with day-to-day management matters including minor repairs up to £200. An additional supervisory fee based on 1% of the cost of such works is payable to Bluefield Estate Agents upon receipt of invoice.
  5. Bluefield Estate Agents expects to be placed in sufficient funds to meet any expenditure prior to the next rental payment. They cannot undertake to meet any outgoings beyond the balance of cash held by them on the landlord’s behalf.
  6. Bluefield Estate Agents will carry out an inspection of the property once every three months and will investigate and defects which came to their notice or are brought to their attention. Any such inspection can only extend to apparent and obvious defects and would not amount in any way to a structural survey.
  7. The landlord agrees that Bluefield Estate Agents are appointed as the agent in connection with the agent’s function under this agreement and the tenancy agreement and authorise them without any obligation on their part as agent to enter the premises and take all responsible steps with regards to their appointment as agents. Landlords are responsible for providing a minimum of two sets of keys, one of which will be held at Bluefield Estate Agents.
  8. Bluefield Estate Agents Management does not include the supervision of the property when it is not let, although in the normal course of marketing, periodic visits to the property will be made by Bluefield Estate Agents staff. If a landlord wishes to have their property managed during this void period there will be a charge of 10% of the quoted monthly rental value, payable in advance. This service must be requested in writing.

Non-UK resident landlords and landlords living overseas:

  1. All landlords are required to complete a declaration of UK, resident’s status prior to the commencement of any tenancy. If a landlord is classed by the Inland Revenue as non – residential, tax will be deducted by Bluefield Estate Agents at the basic rate from each monthly rental unless advised by the Inland Revenue in writing that this is not necessary.
  2. Overseas telephone calls and facsimile messages appertaining to the property will be charged at cost to the landlord.

General conditions:

  1. Interest is not payable by Bluefield Estate Agents on any monies held by them on either a landlord’s or tenant’s behalf.
  2. Any commission paid in respect of the promotion of insurance or other related products shall belong to Bluefield Estate Agents.
  3. The landlord agrees to comply with any and all requirements in respect of the regulations relating to houses in multiple occupation if the property is so classified and where the property is considered to be covered by these regulations to ensure that the property is registered in accordance with local authority requirements and that where the property is consider to be covered by these regulations to ensure that the property is registered in accordance with the local authority requirements and that all necessary works are performed so as to satisfy such regulations.
  4. The landlord agrees that the premises will be safe and fit for habitation and that all utilities such gas and electricity services are properly maintained and regularly serviced. Up to date safety certificate for such utilities will made available to Bluefield Estate Agents upon request and prior to the commencement of each tenancy.
  5. The landlord agrees to comply with the Furnishing (Fire) (Safety) Regulation 1988 (as amended) and to indemnify Bluefield Estate Agents against any breach or failure in this regard.
  6. In the events of a failure by the landlord to comply with any legal obligation in respect of the tenancy Bluefield Estate Agents reserve the right to take any action necessary and pass on any cost incurred in to the landlord.
  7. The landlord agrees to indemnify Bluefield Estate Agents against all actions, proceedings, claims and demands, cost and damages and expenses which may have levied brought or made against Bluefield Estate Agents whomsoever or which they may pay, sustain or incur by reason of any non–payments by the landlord of mortgage payments, council tax or any other outgoings in respect of the property.
  8. Bluefield Estate Agents does not carry out inventories or check out inventories at the end of a tenancy. Bluefield Estate Agents can appoint an independent inventory clerk if required; however, such an appointment will be at the cost of the landlord and Bluefield Estate Agents shall bear no responsibility for any charges incurred nor any failure, omission or otherwise from such an inventory.
  9. Bluefield Estate Agents will use their commercial judgement as to the term of any agreement entered into on a landlord’s behalf and shall use their best endeavours to ensure that, where appropriate to a landlord’s circumstances, such provision is legally permissible and as agreed with the occupiers are included to facilitate regaining possession of their property at the end of the tenancy. Bluefield Estate Agents will not, however under any circumstances, be liable to a landlord in the event of a protected tenancy being created (whether intended or not) or any difficulties arising in recovering rent arrears or possession of the property.
  10. Bluefield Estate Agents will inform landlords of any rent arrears or breaches of covenant brought to their attention. However, if it is necessary for a solicitor to take action or a court application to be made, the landlord will be responsible for instructing their own lawyers and for any costs involved.
  11. When a tenant is dependent on housing benefit for the payment of all or part of their rent benefit, regulations allow the Council to recover overpayment from the claimant or the other person who was paid benefit if the Council makes a claim from Bluefield Estate Agents for such an overpayment and such amount has already been paid to the landlord, the landlord agrees to repay in fill the total overpayment immediately upon demand from Bluefield Estate Agents no matter when such demand is made.
  12. The person/s named on the agreement confirms that they are legal owners appointed representative/s. Furthermore, if the property is subject to mortgage and/or lease that the mortgage and/or leaseholders’ permission to let (in principle) will be obtained prior to the commencement of any tenancy.
  13. The landlord and Tenant Act 1987 oblige Bluefield Estate Agents to include a landlord’s full name and address on al rent demands correspondence. If a landlord’s address is outside England and Wales we will use our central administration office for this purpose. Although Bluefield Estate Agents will endeavour to forward any notices to the landlord promptly and cannot accept liability for any loss or damage incurred either directly from their actions in this respect.
  14. For the purpose of this agreement any communication sent to the landlord or the landlord’s authorised agency by ordinary 1st class post at their last known address shall be sufficient for all the purposes.
  15. Applications for fair rent or appearance before the Rent Assessment Committee or any other Court or Tribunal will be by special arrangement only and will form the subject of an additional charge.

As with all Estate Agents, Bluefield is subject to the Money Laundering Regulations 2017. This means that we have to obtain and hold identification and proof of address for all customers. Additionally, we are also required to establish whether there are any beneficial owners on whose behalf the transaction or activity is taking place, hence, we would request you to identify anyone who you would consider to be a beneficial owner. Where appropriate, the source or destination of funds may also be requested. Without this information we will be unable to proceed with any work on your behalf.

Below is a list of acceptable identity documents. We require sight of all original or certified documents. Subject to your individual circumstances, Bluefield may liaise with you for further/other documentation.

Individual identity documents

Bluefield requires one document from List A and one document from List B.


  • Current signed passport
  • Valid UK driving licence
  • EEA member state identity card


UK/EU/EEA Drivers Licence (if UK Drivers Licence not used as ID)
Must be valid, not expired. Photo only. Full or provisional.

Bank, Building Society or Credit Union Statement
Dated with 3 months. Must include account number and show recent activity. No general correspondence.

Credit Card Statement
Dated within 3 months. Must include account number and show recent activity. No general correspondence.

UK, EU, EEA Mortgage statement
Dated within 12 months. Must show account number. No general correspondence.

Utility Bill
Dated within 6 months E.g. Gas, electricity, water. Must show address for service and/or account number. No general correspondence.

Telephone Bill
Dated within 6 months E.g. Landline or mobile pay monthly (excluding pay as you go). Must show address for service and/or account number. No general correspondence.

Council Tax
Dated within 12 months. Must show address for service and/or account number. No general correspondence.

Tenancy Agreement
Dated with 12 months. Must state full name and full property address. Issued by local council, housing association, solicitor or reputable letting agent.

Benefits Entitlement Letter
Dated within 12 months. Issued by DWP or Jobcentre plus. Must confirm benefit payable at time of issue. E.g. Pension, disability, single parent, housing etc.

HMRC Tax Notification
Dated with 6 months. Must state national insurance number and tax calculation. No general correspondence.

Home or Motor Insurance Certificate
Dated within 12 months. Must state insured address or registered address for vehicle and policy number. No general correspondence.

UK solicitors letter confirming house purchase/land registration
Dated with 3 months. Must state full name of new proprietor and full property address.

NHS Medical Card or letter from GP confirming registration
Dated within 3 months. Must state individual’s date of birth and NHS number. No general correspondence.

Official confirmation of Electoral Register entry or official poll card
Dated within 12 months. Must state full name and full address. No general correspondence.

Police Registration Certificate
Dated within 12 months. Must state the full residential address of the individual.


If you are acting as a Representative of an Estate we require the following:

  • Grant of Probate (if a will was left)
  • Letter of administration (if no will left)
  • Individual identity evidence from List A & Bfor the Personal Representative, either executor or administrator

Limited company

If you are acting as a Representative of a UK Company we will also require the following:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Articles of Association
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Latest Annual Return or Confirmation Statement, with details of current company officers
  • If offshore, nominee director declaration and a general power of attorney
  • Individual identity evidence from List A and Bfor all individuals or entities with 25% or more of the shares or voting rights in the company

If you are acting as a Representative of an Offshore Company we will also require the following:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, Latest Annual Return with details of current company officers, Share Certificate(s) showing the Ultimate Beneficial Owner OR
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • If the shares are owned by another company, repeat steps above for the holding company
  • Nominee director declaration and/or general Power of Attorney (if applicable)
  • Individual identity evidence from List A and Bfor all individuals or entities with 25% or more of the shares or voting rights in the company


If you are acting as a Representative of a Trust we require the following:

  • Trust deed
  • List of trustees
  • List of beneficiaries
  • Individual Identity evidence from List A & Bfor all individuals with a vest interest in 25% or more of the capital and/or those who exercise control over the Trust